JBH completes a successful test with Texas Autosports

After a year spent focused on his Australian Grade 12 college exams (HSC Higher School Certificate) Joseph Burton-Harris flew to Texas for a test drive in the US Formula Mazda Series. Driving the car he nicknamed ‘Kermit’, JBH successfully chased down the lap record.

Formula Mazda is the perfect transition from karting to open wheel as it is fast with a good aero package that means we can corner at over 100mph. As a karter the biggest learning curve is that I am now strapped in tight so my body has no impact on the car. I am also cornering at speeds far greater than I have been before and need to get used to actually using the aero package available. The USA has some excellent open wheel tracks that really teach us how the cars work. This week I got to drive a technical short track at Cresson and it was definitely a career highlight . I must thank my family for their support over this year out as well as Sydney Distance Education High School and the exam team at Nepean Performing Arts College who have helped me graduate High School with excellent academic results beyond my expectations.”

Joseph Burton-Harris

JBH Test