JBH wins Race2 in full wet conditions at Road Atlanta

Joseph Burton-Harris completed a clean sweep at the SCCA Majors-Road Atlanta this weekend, winning in great style 1 lap and 15 seconds ahead of 2nd place. In heavy rain conditions with large puddles on track, the early race was between JBH and Darryl Wills in hot pursuit.

The pass of the day goes to Darryl Wills making it 3 wide into Turn 10, passing 2 other cars on the outside to keep in pursuit of JBH. Unfortunately 1 lap later his spin sealed a convincing win for Joseph Burton-Harris, one of only 2 cars left on the lead lap.

  • Finishing Position: 1st
  • Starting Position: Pole
  • Best Lap: 1.42.465 (wet)
  • Average Speed: 89mph (143kph)
  • Top Speed: 134mph (216kph)