Race1 win goes to Joseph Burton-Harris in Formula Mazda SCCA Majors-Road Atlanta

In sunny dry conditions, the Formula Mazda grid got to experience the full impact of Road Atlanta with high grip; fast turns and its unique elevations. After a mix-up on the start, Joseph Burton-Harris dropped to 7th on track before fighting his way back up the grid.

Following on from NOLA, Darryl Wills was the main challenge for JBH, in the lead after 1 lap. Pass after pass Darryl and JBH raced hard until finally Joseph Burton-Harris got a break with the multi-national champion Wills spinning whilst in traffic. The race win secures Joseph Burton-Harris’ entry into the Formula Mazda class following his win at NOLA. The next challenge will be racing in full wet conditions predicted for tomorrows final race on Sunday.

  • Finishing Position: 1st
  • Starting Position: 1st
  • Best Lap: 1.26.664
  • Average Speed: 106mph (171kph)
  • Top Speed 143mph (231kph)