JBH begins his Pro-Mazda pre-season testing

JBH began his Pro-Mazda campaign last weekend driving the GK Motorsports car at the Motorsports Ranch, Cresson Texas. Joseph’s first experience driving the car was everything he had expected and more.

The Pro-Mazda car has more aero, horsepower and tyres than anything I have ever driven before, so I was very excited to begin my preparations for 2016. The first thing you notice is that your body is far more horizontal in a Pro car, so my upper-body had some extra work to do but it handled it well thanks to Dean McNamara and the team back at Sydney Sports.

Overall Day 1 was a success with some great laptimes that I can build on. Moses Smith gave me excellent instruction on how to feel and read the new tyres as they give you far less time to react than the Formula Mazda. Thank you also to Gaston Kearby and the Kearby family for their support. All in all it was one of the best experiences of my motorsport career to date.” Joseph Burton-Harris

While based in Texas the remainder of 2015, Joseph Burton-Harris will begin a series of test sessions combined with a strict physical preparation schedule knowing that the only road to success is preparation and laps…laps and more laps.

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