JBH 2017 – Blackadder Motorsport

After failing to secure funding to drive his Pro Mazda campaign forward. Joseph has been forced to sit on the sidelines for the 2017 season. In early January however JBH was approached to join Blackadder Motorsports, an online pro simracing team which compete in a range of different categories across the world famous iRacing platform.

JBH’s Audi for the Australian Endurance Championship

“After months of hard work trying to gain sponsorship the harsh reality of motorsport hit me and unfortunately I was unable to secure a seat this year. For the time being I have since turned to iRacing to continue my passion and have become astonished by the realism and level of competition. The racing is far more intense than anything I’ve experienced in real life. It’s crazy, big races are even broadcasted live online on youtube with full commentary, whats even more crazy is that the streams of Pro Mazda on iRacing are getting more views than the real life Pro Mazda streams.. I have come to realize that real world motorsport will never see the same level of talent that is seen on iRacing due to the fact that some of these immensely talented drivers don’t have the funding to even step foot into a racecar. Thanks to Blackadder Motorsport I’m able to continue passion in an awesome atmosphere where I’m learning more and more about vehicle dynamics, racecraft and different driving styles every day.” – JBH


JBH preseason testing with teammates for the 2017 iRacing Daytona 500



JBH’s first major win of the 2017 simracing season came with a 1st in the MX5 category at the 2017 iRacing Roar before the 24. (Daytona Intl Speedway)


Away from the racetrack Joseph has turned to other business ventures to try and self-fund his career.

“It became very obvious to me that I wasn’t going to receive any help going into 2017, I tried and tried but wasn’t able to secure anything in time. Unfortunately Motorsport is a rich man’s game which requires a lot of backing. Therefore the only way I can see me racing again is if I turn to the business world, I’m currently in the process of beginning an Aged Care Agency alongside my youth education service which again is a completely different world but just as rewarding. I do have some testing planned for the end of 2017 with the hope I will be racing full time again in 2018” – JBH

Stay tuned throughout the year as more and more of JBH’s results will be posted online as well as broadcast races on http://www.iracing.com/live/