2018 iRacing Sebring 12 Hour – JBH moves to the UK!

This weekend marks the fourth event in the 2018 iRacing Special Events Calendar – the 2018 iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring. Unfortunately due to scheduling issues JBH will be unable to take part in the race due to scheduling conflicts..

What scheduling conflicts?? Well after living in Australia since 2001 Joseph is finally moving back to his home country of England. After growing up in Adelaide and later in Sydney the move will see JBH live where he was originally born in Reading just 40 minutes west of London. This will provide a new chapter in Joseph and his partner Brianna’s life, Joseph will continue his YouTube prospects and further more continue his Sim-Racing career with Atlas Sim-Sport and Wyvern Racing.

” The move back to England has been coming for the past year or so and I look forward to returning to my home land which will hopefully provide a positive stride in my attempt to make a difference in the world. YouTube wise I feel like the UK can provide me with a new stage to try and make it in the digital world with Australia just not quite having the same connectivity to the rest of the world. I do apologise in advance if there is a delay in content over the coming week, there are some issues with the internet and what not at the house that I am moving into so hopefully once over there I can get it sorted in quick fashion. There are plenty new series coming to the Channel such as Formula 1, Moto GP, Indycar, World Touring Cars, Major League Baseball and the 2018 FIFA World Cup so stay tuned everyone! ” – Joseph Burton-Harris

JBH jets out on the 11th and plans to visit back to Australia multiple times in the coming years.