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A 21st Century Youth has infinitely more choices in all areas of their lives than the generations that have gone before. Living a happy full life as a 21st Century Youth means choosing wisely as its YOUR life and your life matters.

21CY was founded by Joseph Burton-Harris to help young people access the information they need to make wise choices. After a medical crises of his own in 2013, Joseph began a personal journey of discovery to understand how his OWN body worked and what it needed as a unique individual for him to live a full happy life. What he found was that every human body really is unique in how it is constructed and what it needs to be physically and mentally happy.

21CY is about helping young people around the world VALUE their lives first and foremost, then choose wisely to ensure their life is protected during the difficult but exciting time of being a 21st Century Youth. A better future for 21CY is a young person who KNOW’s who they are physically and mentally and what their unique body needs to eat and drink to stay healthy and happy…CONTROL’s their world by taking on the challenge themselves to live a healthy and happy life rather than wait to be told what to do… investigates the TRUTH’s about Saying NO to Drugs; Drinking Responsibly; Driving Responsibly and Eating Responsibly…resulting in wise choices for THEM…a valuable contributor to humanity.

Choosing a healthy and happy Life should be the NEW POPULAR. Its YOUR life. Choose Wisely.

‘I’m a 21st Century Youth’

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