Test Drive a Formula Mazda

Texas Autosports

Be the one who DOES rather than just TALKS

Ever asked yourself whether you can drive an open-wheel Formula Car?

Want to test drive a fast aerodynamic Formula Car without breaking the bank?

2 Day Test Drive a Formula Mazda with Texas Autosports at the MotorSport Ranch, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

USD $4,000 – 10 sessions over 2 days – over 200 laps

Formula Mazda Top Speed at the Ranch is 150mph (241kph) – try the real thing!

Call USA 817-512-4752 or Email: texasauto@formulamazda.com

No USA licence required Рperfect for overseas Kart drivers like JBH

This price is fully inclusive* of:

  • Car lease
  • Tyres and Fuel
  • Engineers
  • Track Fees
  • Coaching instruction tailored to new Formula drivers

*Does not include damage and subject to availability

Flights go direct to Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) USA from Sydney (Qantas); London (British Airways; American); Paris (American).

One Stop via Los Angeles from Auckland (Air New Zealand); Munich (Lufthansa).

Hotels nearby include Marriott; Holiday Inn and all subsidiaries

Exact Track location: 9012 Performance Ct., Cresson, TX 76035, United States

Do what everyone else just talks about…